Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today, I should be hard at work on the next issue of the magazine.

Today, I should have my head in the game, gearing up for our big one year birthday party this week.

I should be commited to doing with might what my hands have to do.

I should be going above, beyond, over, higher... doing whatever it takes to make myself an invaluable addition to my workplace.

But, instead, I am daydreaming....of Marta, Benedetta and Cesare: three Milanese kids in need of a live-in au pair.

Go figure.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Bound

My amazon wishlist is OUT.OF.CONTROL right now. On account of the fact that my budget is tee-niny and my appetite for new books is voracious, I've added a sidebar link to it for your convenience.

You're welcome.

Hey, and I've you're in the Birmingham area, and want to check out some homegrown authors tomorrrow, head to the Central Library location for Alabama Bound.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Full Bloom

Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God. (1 Peter 1:17, msg).

It's happened to you, too. You drive down a street countless times, conscious of your surroundings but without seeing things. And, then, one day, your vision is somehow restored and you become aware of houses and trees and minute details that you were formerly blind to noticing. You ask yourself penetrating questions about life and they way you are living it. And, then you stop and just appreciate that now you are gazing upon beauty that was once overlooked. Now, you are noticing a craftmsan's touch on your habitat. Now, you are cognizant of creation, of design, and the fact that we were fashioned and placed here by a God who cares a great deal about beauty. If you sit and twiddle long enough with the idea, you might also delve into thinking about the way he translates His character through our environment; how all creation is declaring redemption!

Allen Levi gets it. This Georgia-grown folk singer sees a story in what others would consider mundane. He has eyes to see the narrative that a misplaced Easter egg has to tell, when it resurfaces months after the hunt. We were created to be found, he explains in song. When at the beach, he watched two little boys in t-shirts comparing their muscles. Most would laugh and watch the two flex in a macho-match. Allen gleans a transcendent message about how we start comparing at an early age; we grow up sizing ourselves up to others in the game of who has more.

All that to say... Since Christmas, I've been keeping vigil of the amarlyis gifted me (and pictured above). I followed the instructions, buried the bulb and placed its pot on the sunroom sill. I've watered it and watched. And for months, that bulb sat lonely and unresponsive. Last week, for some inexplicable reason, it shot up, sprouted blooms and opened wide its vibrant-red petals.

AND then, today, I noticed the magnificent blossoms of this tree out the sunroom window. It's gorgeousness spills over from the sweet Cecil's yard into our own, as if they are choosing generously to share their treasure with us. For weeks, I've been discouraged about our own barren and brown yard that has suffered much under our neglect. Too early for a spring yard clean-up, I've been sitting on my green hopes to get out and dig up some new life. And, then, this.

So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. (1 Co. 3: 7).

As Edith Schaeffer says, in her gem of a book The Hidden Art of Homemaking, we should put things in front of our eyes to remind our hearts. Lord, give us eyes to see and ears to hear. Make us ever-conscious of you on this journey.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fresh Air

Dear reader, I have a few images to share after a weekend in the woods of North Georgia. I'm now refreshed, renewed, and ready for another looong weekend.
This is the old oak that sits on the corner of the bumpy road that leads to my family's cabin. I believe it has some stories to tell.

This is just a nice pastoral scene down the road. I love old barns. Cows aren't half bad, either.
Deanna and Keri at the base of Panther Creek falls, post-picnic. While life is a hike and not just a waterfall, this one is a pretty great trail-end reward.

Happy Trails to you.


Finding these mustache molds at Bake It Pretty changed my week. 

For the better. 

My sister and I used to thumb through catalogs and get kicks and giggles from supposing what the models were thinking about. See below. 

Keri: I've got a chocostache. What's it to you?

Deanna: Skee-da-doodle-de-doop-dah-day. 

Cricket: If it weren't for this mondo impediment, I would be sinking my teeth into YOU right now.

Me: I think this stache has affected my ability to wink. Nonetheless, I'm watching you.

Mama: By jove, I think I've got it!

Trevor: Two mustaches are always better than one. 

John: E=Mc^2

Aaron: ...and then, I'll rule the world. Muahahaha.

Abby: Where's Louigi? We've got some toadstools to squash.

Jamie: I've seen strangers things in the hospital halls than this.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The other day I was delighted to get some time to sniff around in What's On 2nd in wait of an interview appointment next door. Each time I pass the threshold of this downtown establishment, I am amazed anew at the verity of one man's trash equating to another's new treasure. Browsing through the tossed-aside possessions of others sets my imagination in motion with plans to re-invent. My home is adorned with several treasures found in the corners and crevices of this packed-to-the-gills shop.

My latest meander through led me to Teacher's Plan Book pictured above. As you can see, it records the third grade lesson plans of a certain Miss D.J. Gilbert from 1967. Intrigued, I opened it up and leafed through a year's worth of her classroom plans. Under each day's heading, Miss Gilbert faithfully recorded her "aims," or objectives, followed by specific activities for her students. All was penned in her picture perfect loopy cursive.

A few pages in, I noticed a similarity between the pages. The first aim of every day was always "to give reverence to God." Page after page, I flipped through and marveled at her consistency. First line, first aim of the day, Miss Gilbert began by dedicating her classroom work to the humble attitude of her heart.

This was indeed a check for my own morning ritual. It was a challenging reminder to, likewise, begin each new work day aiming for self-abasement before my Father. He must become greater and I, in turn, less.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Ode to Spring

Unfurling from wet ground,
stretches life of varied nomenclature.
Out from wintry solitude;
And into warm communion.
the lonely,
bringing with it
verdant hope.


So, I saw a grand idea here, and I've chosen to participate in sharing the handmade love. The first five people to respond to this post (from here or on facebook) will get something made by me.

This offer does have some restrictions so please read carefully:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
- What I create will be just for YOU.
- It will be done this year (2009).
- It will be something made my own two hands.
- It might be a mix CD, a knitted scarf, stack of cards, a poem, baked goods, an original photograph....the possibilites are infinite.

In return, all you need to do is post this on your blog or facebook and make 5 things for 5 other people.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Deep Breaths

After listening to this about the state of our global economy and ideas on how our government is aiming to solve it, I was feeling a tad bit anxious. I turned to the above etsy print and squeezed my eyelids shut in hopes and prayers that it'll be so.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Day in Athens

The above is a reaction to the realization that I was snowed in... in Athens, with some of my dearest friends.

Pictured here are Deanna and Aubrey sporting the plustache I so adoringly mention here.

Deanna and I being sweethearts. In the snow. At Ivywood.

No perfect day is complete without Barberitos. I'm thinking of naming my first child with some derivative of this beloved Athens eatery. I consumed two burritos and a mondo pile of their delectable tortilla crisps in the span of just 24 hours. I don't regret it, either.