Thursday, August 8, 2013

If you're a creative: if you make, write, start of scratch and produce, I advise you to watch this. If you've struggled with depleted inspiration, you will be refreshed and reminded that your creative 'genius' doesn't have to torture you because it was never from you. As Gilbert says, any bright ideas you have are a product of the gift that was loaned to you. Now, I don't have any reason to believe that Ms. Eat, Pray, Love is a professing believer in the God I try to know. But, in this ode, she does down right declare that there exists outside of us, a greater power. And when it comes to our successes, it is that power and not ourselves that should be saluted, thanked, and depended upon. I've had a summer filled with learning these lessons the hard way. I've experienced a drought of sorts in my artistic pursuit. The flow of work coming in slowed to a drip, and as a result, my motivation followed suit. I thrashed about and doubted that my decision to follow my artistic leanings was the right one. I made do with less, and I questioned more. The Lord works in mysterious ways. For whatever reason, He has used the last two months to take me by the shoulders, look me in the eye, and remind me that He is the source of every good idea, the energy behind each noble action. If not for His ingenuity, I'd have no mind to envision, to fingers to type, no arm to extend. This work is mine, but the ability to do it has been loaned to me...yesterday, today, and tomorrow.