Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Come and You Will See" in Twenty One-Three

Usually by this time of year, I've reflected on days past, dreamed and set my goals for the coming year, and of course, penned a rhyming motto to live by. For the last five years, that's been my M.O. But, this year, this 2013, already feels different. I'm relaxed into knowing that the long faithful obedience continues in the same direction. I'm confident that the important people in my life aren't going anywhere, I'm hopeful for the depth we will know in months to come.

I do have aspirations for Four Hats, namely ones to be more intentional about where and how I seek business, how I cherish a client from start to finish, how I use my time most efficiently. There is time for organization and to-do lists. For me, it's not today.

Today is a day to look back over my shoulder at a year that produced a fair amount of tears. Today is a day to remember the broken state of my heart and thank my near God for His attention, for His gentleness, for His patience. There was pain, but the joy did come in the morning.

Yes, this day is for gratitude, for a thousand sorrows turned into a million joys. January 1, 2013 is an ebeneezer, a landmark, a memorial of the peace of knowing a God who does not change from calendar year to year. He transcends time. And through our faith that shifts like sand, His great love is unmoved. This year, I'm staking that claim.

Yes, 2013 is a year to heed Jesus' words to the first disciples in John 1 when He invited them to come and see. They had no idea what life with Him would bring when they asked him "Where are you going?" "Where are you staying?" If they had known, perhaps they would not have chosen to follow Him that day. But they did, and history and their hearts were changed.

And in the fall of 1998, I too started after Him. I, too, couldn't conceive of the life He was writing for me. I trust Him, I'm with Him, I want Him. This year, next year, forever I'll trace His steps to see what He has, who He is.