Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let's roll!

The press is in action. With the first color of a three color print done, I'm jazzed to know that this thing works! I can't wait to finish up this first at-home fourhatspress creation. Look out for the full story and photos later this week!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

At risk of sounding dramatic, I've been waiting for this day for over two years. Ever since I started clicking around on the internet looking at pictures of printed matter, I've been head-over-heals with the process of letterpress. The trail that love has set me down has been quite unpredictable. It's lead me to many a printer, and many a friend. I've relied on their expertise for so long, and learned immeasurable lessons. I've reached a part of my journey that I must walk alone. I've got my tools, I just need to try. Today (pending the arrival of my last supply), I will troubleshoot and turn the crank on the finally-repaired-after-years-in-waiting Vandercook in my very own home studio. Oh happy day!

*stay tuned for more stories, pictures, and hopefully, if all goes as planned, prints!